PintoWest Properties

Investments in Real Estate

PintoWest Properties Inc. is an investment and development company focused on unique and specialty real estate opportunities. The PintoWest business model is to focus its operations and investments in Western Canada.

There is great potential in “staying local” and we are focused on opportunities such as golf course developments, RV Park resorts, and other recreational, residential and commercial real estate ventures that can generate capital gains and revenue streams to bring a steady source of shareholder growth.

Golf Courses

Golf course developments integrating residential and recreational homes are popular all over North America, providing golf amenities in a community environment.

RV Parks & Resorts

RV parks and resorts are in ever increasing demand. Nearly 1/2 million Rv'ers use their RV as a full time home. Most RV campers take at least 3 trips per year. There is current demand for an additional 1000 RV lots, just in British Columbia!

Residential Real Estate

Residential real estate housing prices in Canada are still rising, even with the pandemic. The annual increase in home prices range from 1.7% in Saskatchewan and 12% in BC, to over 20% in Ontario (Dec 2019 - Dec 2020).

Commercial Real Estate

The value of shopping malls has dropped nearly 25% recently and retail fell 15%, according to Green Street Advisors. Now is a great time to invest in and repurpose vacant and distressed shopping centers.