PintoWest Properties Inc. has a service contract with CAS Corporate Governance Services. CAS is a consulting firm that provides advice and assistance in the areas of corporate administration and corporate governance/compliance for public companies. The areas of service for PintoWest includes annual meetings, board and member meetings and preparations, private placements, news releases, administration services, financial filings and regulatory applications and filings. Please go to CAS Corporate Governance Services for further information.


PintoWest Properties Inc. is a reporting issuer with approximately 35 million shares outstanding and 158 shareholders. PintoWest is preparing an offering prospectus with the intent to file a listing application with the Canadian Securities Exchange, "CSE". The ticker symbol is expected to be reserved as soon as possible. PintoWest has an investor relations office in Kelowna, BC  to provide information about company operations to shareholders and to the investment community in Canada and also throughout North America and Europe.