Hyde Mountain Golf Course

PintoWest uses conventional sales and auction programs for real estate projects. The project size, development, timeline, unit absorption, cost of money, market trends and shareholder value are considerations used to choose a marketing method for a project.

Hyde Mountain Auction Project: Hyde Mountain is a master planned community located on Mara Lake, in Sicamous, BC. This beautiful 264 acre waterfront property boasts a marina, 18-hole golf course and future recreational properties.

Resort properties will be sold by live and online auction, for investment and personal use.

The first subdivision consists of 97 RV lots located on 5 acres within the 264 acre resort. The application has been made and application fees have been paid.  Surveyors, engineers, lawyers and trades have been hired in preparation of all the subdivisions.

This auction is planned for spring 2022, which is contingent on approvals of plans, permits and disclosure statements. Sign up for updates and you'll be kept in the loop!

This auction will introduce you to an exciting way to buy recreational and residential property in beautiful British Columbia.

An auction accelerates the process of a real estate transaction. An owner may sell out a development or portfolio in one day instead of several years. Time is money. Interest, other costs and supply can create huge savings to be passed on to a buyer. All prices are established by open and competitive bidding.

Information will be presented at the beginning of the auction to familiarize prospective bidders with the auction process. This short, informative workshop will benefit both novice and experienced auction attendees.

The auction marketing is managed and the auction is conducted by Lovig Auctions, which has sold more than $1 billion in real estate by public auction.

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Hyde Mountain Online AuctionHyde Mountain Online AuctionHyde Mountain Online Auction